We had a great time in the room! Brainstormer did a great job hosting our birthday party and customized everything for our group. They go above and Beyond !

Taylor W.


 Lots of fun. The room was nice and big and very challenging.  I will look forward to new rooms there in the future.  Maurice was very helpful and friendly.

S. McNutt


 Was a blast with our kids and great family night out! Kids talked about it all night. The theme and clues really had us thinking, would recommend as a family night out!

W. Wilkes


 This was a blast to do with my kids. Great job on this escape room. Without those clues this would have been sooooooooo hard! I love that this can work for all kinds of audiences! Thanks! I can't wait to see the new room!

Last Starfighter


 Excellent family fun! Owner was SUPER nice and accommodating. Room was setup perfectly! Recommended for a good time. 

Joe R.


 Loved the experience so much fun. Can’t wait for the next room.

V. Chustz