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Welcome to BRAINSTORM-ER.  If this is your first Escape Room experience, you're in for a treat.  If you're an expert or have visited other escape experiences, then we invite you to crack our puzzles, riddles and enigmas and solve the problems to escape these rooms. Whatever level you are, everyone can leave their worries at the door and enjoy 60 minutes of fun. We invite you to challenge your mind. 

Our Story

 After searching for an activity for us to do as a group, we had the awesome experience of trying our first escape room.  We were hooked.  We couldn't wait to book our next room and continue escaping and enjoying our time together.  We decided we enjoyed it so much we wanted to be part of creating those same great experiences for others.  That's how BRAINSTORM-ER was born.​ 

What We Offer

We offer group/family friendly fun for almost everyone and we also offer the following:

Team Builders, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Gender Reveals, Engagement Proposals and anything that you can dream up!

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Our Rooms

Temple of Time


Transported decades into the future your team finds themselves in the Collectors study. The key to get back to your time of existence is there. Can you find out in time to save yourselves and anyone else trapped in time in our escape rooms?

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Ki Corp


What happens when you accidentally turn on a dormant AI (artificial intelligence)? What happens when that AI is having an existential crisis and wants to take over the world?  What happens when you only have 60 minutes to stop it? Find out here. 

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8 Bit Escape


By a freak accident you've been trapped inside your video game.  In order to get out, you have to find the escape portal.  You have 1 hour or else you'll be digitized.

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